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5 Strategies to improve your e-newsletters

Developing and distributing relevant content is a very effective strategy to engage with and connect to your target market.  E-newsletters are an especially effective tactic for distributing that content.  But simply assembling good content a mailing list and a schedule … Continue reading

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Idiotic Pursuit: Chasing the 500 million Facebook users

Prospects seem to be dazzled by the number of users on Facebook.  They are seduced by the mega-number into thinking ‘there’s gold in them there hills.’  Their reasoning is that any cohort that large must include a significant chunk of … Continue reading

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Market Segmentation applies to social media also

I found a very insightful and useful post that is a great follow-up to yesterday’s post. Pam Moore’s article “8 Things You Must Know About Your Audience to Inspire & Connect In Social Media”, http://bit.ly/ewfJpu, published on http://Socialmediatoday.com, gives you an … Continue reading

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Press Releases v Social Media Releases: Enemies or Adjuncts?

The press release is a staple in the tool bag of most marketers and public relations professions.  In use since the early 1900’s the press release has undergone some style modification, but has essentially remained the same, that is until … Continue reading

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Myths & Realities of Content Marketing

Rachel Foster (@CopywriterTO) wrote an excellent post today entitled “The 3 Big Myths of B2B Content Marketing” on the Content Marketing Institute’s blog (http://bit.ly/dRZTwN). We often report on issues in B2B content marketing and Rachel’s post neatly summarizes some of the key … Continue reading

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