Myths & Realities of Content Marketing

Rachel Foster (@CopywriterTO) wrote an excellent post today entitled “The 3 Big Myths of B2B Content Marketing” on the Content Marketing Institute’s blog ( We often report on issues in B2B content marketing and Rachel’s post neatly summarizes some of the key misunderstandings held by many marketers and business leaders.

Myth #1: If I Tweet it, they will read it – Rachel cites research that indicates the average lifespan of a Tweet is about 1 hour. I agree with the research and with Rachel’s recommendation that if you want to keep your content fresh or least available – you need to push it out in different formats on different channels. For example I will Tweet this post, re-Tweet the CMI post, include the summary in another article I’m writing and finally, include the reference in my virtual newspaper ‘The Marketing Outsourcers Daily Digest’ (

Myth#2: The number one purpose of developing content is making search engines like me – this is a misconception I see all the time. No matter how keyword rich your content is – nobody will pay attention if the content sucks or worse, is irrelevant.

Myth#3: Content marketing is a great way to sell my products and services – yeah yeah yeah you want to sell – guess what, the fastest way to ruin any engagement you may have created with your content is a blatant sales pitch.  Do it and watch your engagement wither and die – quickly.

Watch for the debut of Web series summer 2011

Rachel summerizes her views on the 3 myths much more elegantly than I have – but hopefully you get the idea.


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