Hello world! Welcome to Marketing Outsourcers Blog

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Marketing Outsourcers (MO) blog. MO is a boutique (read: small & particular) marketing & PR agency.  Visit our site to get a sense of what we do & call or email us is you want to discuss anything specific.  My focus here is to bring you the latest trends, best practices and thought pieces I find useful or interesting.  I pay special attention to Social Media, B2B, multicultural marketing, branding & B2C.

There is lots of marketing garbage out there but there is also creative, clever and innovative information being shared. I will be a sort of aggregator for you of information, whitepapers and other helpful items. Follow us here, on Twitter (#portiansky) or subscribe to our online newspaper: The Marketing Outsourcers Daily Digest (http://paper.li/portiansky).  I welcome comments, sharing & interaction – so join in the conversation.


About marketingoutsourcers

I am an experienced marketing pro with proven track record of achieving business objectives. Areas of expertise include strategic market planning, Hispanic Marketing, professional services, branding, public relations, market research, technology marketing and advertising. I have implemented marketing programs that have grown revenue by accurately targeting niche markets; increased market share by effectively qualifying and converting leads and increased brand recognition using public relations.
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